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Sep 18, 2003
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Hey guys:

I've recently started taking a wrestling takedown class in addition to BJJ. Obviously I'm still very green at it all, but i have a specific problem.

Usually I end up training with guys who are stronger and bigger than I am. I can usually end up getting the single leg, but I can't seem to finish the takedown.. I have to spend so much energy securing the leg that they usually eventually power out of it.

Any suggestions on finishing?

Make sure you don't stop pushing forward and also turn and twist your force so it off-balances them more.
get the single leg dig your shoulder into that side of their body and keep moving forward at an angle or just trip their other leg incredibly simple after a little practise
wrap your leg around their other leg that you're not pulling with your hands and push to that side while pulling up with your leg
try grabbing their ankle instead and pull it towards their other leg
mmahamzah said:
dig your shoulder into that side of their body

sounds like that would leave you open for a guilotine if I'm picturing your description right?
Fun Stuff.

There's no reason to settle for a single leg if you going for a double. Get that in your head, cause if you go in with both on your mind, you going to get the single everytime. I promise. That should be like a last resort when thinking about it. Just get that lead leg first and suck yourself to it while grasping that other leg and then you drive, just go no matter how much stronger he is, he's got that same little groove at the hip everyone else got and he goes over/up/spins and eventually down like everyone else.

On a Single
- YOUR foot goes outside of the leg in possession!!!
- Hands clasp behind knee and body in tight to the leg
- Your foot behind his foot of the leg in possession
- Twist and Drive turn your hips really hard drive into the back of his leg preferably and you have him on his stomach.

There are a lot of other things you can do involving the pick up of that leg but I think this is what you were looking for.

Edited Addition*
Okay after I posted I saw someone put up something about an Ankle Pick and also about wrapping the leg. . .

Okay First be sure to stay tight to that leg in possession
Keep your Head inside thier thigh

Now if you do the leg weave, where you wrap your leg around theres then drive straight ahead like a double leg but twist into him when you feel that shift of balance. Cause otherwise he will fall on you and be damn near in mount. After you do it acouple times you will notice it.

Now the Anklepick. . . Is my favorite, saw a guy win a Wrestling match in 12 Seconds with it. Really funny. You just have to keep tight and pull his ankle to the guys knee and KEEP GOING FORWARD! If you do that you will be in a great position no matter what.
Interesting suggestions. You are probably using the wrong grip. In order to complete a single, you need to have the back of the knee in your elbow. This creates a very short amount of space, plus a very secure grip. You should be able to maintain the leg with only one arm, if the knee is in your elbow. From there you can either trip your opponent to the front or the back. It really doesn't take the much since your opponent is so out of balance.

I usually get the single from the clinch position. Once I get the leg, I place it under my legs. Just for a few seconds. The leg is usually on my wrists. From there I switch to elbow on the knee. Since the leg is in between my legs, I elevate my right leg in order to get free. From there, I may take my opponent down to his back, (if I am doing Judo or Wrestling in order to get points) or to his front in case I want to get his back ( really works great if you want to get a leg lock) Good luck.
Rip Van Winkle said:
sounds like that would leave you open for a guilotine if I'm picturing your description right?

its wrestling submissions aren't allowed :wink:
i find the pickup much easier if i grip the upper calf rather then the back of the knee (particularly against heavier/stronger opponents). dunno if this is generally optimal though.
Shaldag said:
i find the pickup much easier if i grip the upper calf rather then the back of the knee (particularly against heavier/stronger opponents). dunno if this is generally optimal though.

i grab from behind the knee you get a better grip and he cant get out as easily

btw i meant grab the ankle to lonewolf
lonewolf_454 said:
thanks. You mean hold the leg by the ankle? Or go for a low-single?
low single ... try to tie up their legs as you pull, big guys loose balance a lot easier that way
thanks guys, went last night. I'm starting to get timing down on the shoot, but my technique goes to complete crap the minute I'm in. I think i'm so surprised that i even get in, that i forget to complete the shoot.

We went over the low, low single. I guess it's an ankle pic, but damn, just instinctively that seems so dangerous.

By the way, it is wrestling takedowns but the guys who do submissions work from the ground after the takedown. The pure wrestlers just stop after getting the takedown
Rip Van Winkle said: oops...i can't get out of my submission grappling ways :eek:

yeh i figured lol

don't worry lonewolf it'll come with time
Like I said, when you get in. Think about it like this.

Got Leg.
Hug Leg.
Now choose one of the following at first get good at it and then go on to the next one Don't have too many ideas in your head just pick one and do that.
Drive And Twist.
Leg Weave

I suggest picking one at next practice and keep at that One.

Yeah I picked up on it. I do Freestyle, Greco-Roman, and Submission. I know a couple other ways to do this, but I am just K.I.S.S.'n this one. From those three positions you could see how you could transistion into submissions the easiest even if you aren't going that far. You will get an idea of what your options are.
What do you guys think is a good backup for running the pipe? I know there's lots of options, but I end up thinking once running the pipe doesn't work and he usually escapes. At least it's an improvement over the past where I would pick up the single and then start thinking.