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Help with pain.


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Jun 18, 2005
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After rolling last night, I have this weird pain Dead center in the middle of my chest. Feels lke a bruise i guess, but theres no mark.. hurts when i strech or lean over or anything. any help with what this might be, or how long it take to feel better. its not unbearable, just never had it before
sternum pain... maybe some one did a knee ride.. or dug the knee into your chest.

Ive had it before. Give it a week or two and you should feel better. Dont roll to hard, and if a guy gets knee on the belly stop everything your doing and get that knee off... it will help your defense on knee on the belly and it will save your self from further injury.

If the pain gets bad or if the pain is in your ribs... go see a doc.
yeh, we do alot of knee on belly stuff. thats prolly what it is. thanks much
I got the same thing, on my right rib. I think it is a bruise or torn cartiliage. When we were practicing hip throws, the guy throwing me fell forward and his knee went right in to my rib
oh i get them all the time since im the smallest one there by like 40+ pounds