help with my guard


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Mar 24, 2005
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I have a good gaurd that is hard to pass infact only a few people in my school can pass it, but the one way people have learned to do, is stand up and insert their knee, and ofcourse when that pressure is agaisnt the goin its damn near impossible to hold on, I know three sweeps to use when people stand up, feet on hips and roll, lock around knees and roll to side, and underhook leg and bridge, but sometimes the knee gets in and they pass, any ideas?
Do you have an open guard to speak of?
Well, just control them more efficiently and work open guard. If you don't control them at all, there's nothing you can do to stop them from attempting something.
If he has his right knee in between and he's sitting low, hook your left leg behind his right knee, securing it. Both hands grip his sleeves. Your right leg goes to his left knee ready to sweep it. When you turn his and sweep, cross his arms so he can't base. And of course if he has his left knee in the middle, do everything in the opposite direction. It's a good sweep and real easy to do. You have to realize you can't always have your guard closed, people are gonna open it and you're just gonna have to switch it up a bit. Good Luck...