Help with armbar from mount


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Jun 25, 2003
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Usually against more expereienced guys they tend to tuck their arms into their chest when I mount them. I'd like to pull an armbar off them but I can never get their elbow high enough to pull off an armbar. So I tend not to go for them unless I know i can really get them. And usually I'll have pry their arms from each other and Im using too much energy. Suggestions?
Switch to side mount and attack the arms from there if you REALLY want the armbar.
Or practice riding them heavier and flattening yourself out on their face more from mount to get their arms exposed more as they squirm.
Switch to knee on belly and cause pain. An arm may pop free for you then. Sometimes I'll start with knee on belly and then I actually end up kind of squatting on them right over the arm I want. I agree with DMcKayBJJ in that it's a bit easier if you come at it from a side positioning.
armbar from mount is pretty rare at any level. get them on their side and youll get it more
sounds like you need help with setups more than you need help with an armbar. There's lots of ways to set up an armbar from the mount. No gi is a little limited, but you can still go in and work an "ezekial" type choke, I really don't know what it's called, but it's pretty much cross facing into a forearm choke. alot of times people will give you an arm off that. Also, what I've found to be really REALLY effective was a move one of my training partners showed me because we're around the same size.

Take an arm and shove it to the side hard, like you're going for an americana. his first instinct is going to be to roll onto the side of the pinned arm, buck, or try and muscle the arm back to the center. You can get a submission from either of these situations.

If he rolls to the side, switch your hips, go to s-mount, and take the arm opposite of the one you pinned for the americana. You don't really have to worry about him bucking here because he's pinned pretty well and he's on his side.

If he bucks - ignore and americana him.

If he tries to muscle it back, let him, as odd as this sounds, I always watch their face to see if they're going to muscle. For some reason, the guys who try to yank it back always get this constipated look on their face right before they do it. So I'll pin hard, see that they're going to jerk it back up, and I'll pin them until they start, once they pull I give 0 resistance, the arm will usually come right up, and usually they kind of chickenwing their elbow out. So even if you can't switch your hips in time to get the armbar, you can very easily scoot up on him from normal mount position and get your knee seperating his elbow from his body, from there it's just a matter of time.