Help with a technique!?!?!?!


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Apr 27, 2005
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So right before i moved i was shown, How to get a Calf crush from inside some ones Del Riva Guard anybody kow this move? Vidoes would be helpful, Pictures would be good, descriptions would be appreciated
theres a couple ways. one is you have to grab his "pushing leg" and step back with the leg that isn't hooked and step behind your other leg as you sit back trapping his "hooking leg". once here change the angle on your shin by shifting your hips, and throw his other leg over your head and hug around the leg your attacking with your arms as you roll into slicer position

now i'm usually pretty good at describing techniques, but this one is particularly intricate, and is not easy to learn with an instructor, let alone over the web. you're going to at least need to find a video.