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Mar 9, 2004
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guys im considering going full time MMA, in between western kickboxing, muay thai, and san shou which do you think is better suirted for MMA, not that there is one real answer to it, but one which you think i should concentrate on
hard to say... what are you good at? it's better to be great at 1 thing and OK at everything else, then to be mediocre at everything. i guess i'm saying it depends what you're naturally talented with. i dont know shit about san shou.... kickboxing... whether is western or muay thai is great. personally i have always found it a bit difficult to train in muay thai b/c it's so easy to get injured. good luck.
You should comcentrate on MT and do kickboxing for teh kicks and Sanshou for the transition/takedowns.
Depends on how you want to fight. Do you want to be a stand up guy or a ground guy? Ground guys, san shou is very good. Stand up knockout guys, a mix of kickboxing and muay thai. Also, if you can, throw boxing in there.