HELP!!! Really weird situation



Ok here is the situation: my buddy goes to a small college in town A, I live in town B. He calls me the other day telling me about how his college is forming a MMA club. My friend represents them in the student senate. Now here is the problem: there are no instructors. Nobody within at least an hour's drive (probably more) is what I would considered 'qualified' to instruct.

He told me about how since he is the only real active member, he is deciding how the budget should go...

So we were wondering: how should this cash be spent? Should it go to equipment? Note that it will not be a lot of cash, but distributed among the few people who would join (him, probably a few others, and myself to train with them whenever I visit) it could go a while. What do we need, videos to teach? Thanks in advance, 1st post btw, and I am sorry if this is not the right forum for this type of question.
Would it be dangerous to proceed without a qualified instructor?
Yeah, but where could he find a qualified instructor at? He lives in the middle of nowhere. Do any of you guys go to an MMA gym? How is it formatted? Classes? Any information at this point will be helpful.
dude, pm me with your email address. i own two schools.
It would probably be a good idea to get a few people there with first aid certificates, accident can and do happen in training.
So let me get this straight. He is starting an MMA club, but he is the only one around and has no qualified instructor? Doesn't really make sense to me, but the only thing I can think of is to just get some people in there and watch some instructional videos and practice them.
this is EZ.

use the money to buy instructionals, The master copy stays there on campus.
When you guys graduate it's the school's property so it gets passed down to the
next generation, & hopefully they will do the same, so in about 5 yrs. there will be a nice
MMA collection of instructionals available to the students.

As for training. Just do technique practice, NO ROLLING. No instructor, no rolling.
I know it's tempting, but if you do it, it's gotta be outside the class, or you can get
it shut down.
Seriously dude, I dont agree with the above poster. Just -fricking- roll. Promise it is better than nothing. Dc++ while save your life, that is all I say about that. But dont fall victim for the instructional craze, drill -one- move 10000s of time. Become master of few things instead of millions that you cant pull of. Just go for it. The money should perhaps be spent on boxing gloves and shinguards, it is good to have a few lying around to help people get started in the club, you cant really demand that people buy it before they like it..

Do you have mats on the floor? Thats a priority. There arent to many other things that are required. If anybody has an old punching bag laying around, bring it down to use for ground and pound training. Thai pads are solid to have to...

Is there any boxing club in town? Any wrestlers? There are solid instructors right there. Perhaps you can work something out cheap with one of those for some specialised sessions. You dont necesary have to have a blackbelt in bjj to have a mma club...

Good luck mate
the reason why I say no roll, is from the stand point of keeping the club alive.

you just roll for the purpose of becomming a good grappler, its not gonna sit well with the university.
They don't care!
You have to play their game if you want your club to survive and get bigger. You got to think
long term. duh
If you got half a brain you don call it ultimate fighting training when talking to the college, you call it sub wrestling and make sure that they think -wrestling- and nothing else. I have been in a similar situation once and solved it, you just have to use your brain. If not rolling I say go learn knitting or something instead...
sometimes even wrestling is hard to get accepted by a cheap university.
you have to not roll infront of their eyes, and for people who GOTTA roll, addicted to rolling,
have no other way to develop skill than rolling, fine, but do it in private not infront without
the presence of an instructor?

your crazy dude