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Dec 14, 2005
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First i just wanted to say that i am really happy i found this site. :D I recently decided to give bjj a try.There a few schools in my area and i am unsure which one would be best for me. I plan on starting out 1-2 a week and work my way up. I would also like to compete. here is a list of he schools in my area, any advice on a school to choose or advice on what to expect from class would be greatly apreaciated.

Ralph Gracie jiu-jitsu (mountain veiw ca)
teacher Batata Santiago

American kickboxing academy
teacher Dave Camarillo

Claudio Franca BJJ
teacher ?
Thanks for any help in advance.
No shite! I am in the same situation except that I have 7 years experience. i am moving to San Fran to live this weekend, and will be training at Ralph's place most likely.

You picked the right place to start my friend. You have lots of options (all expensive I might add...)

If I lived closer to San Jose, I would go to Dave's place, but I will probably stick with Charly Gracie's or Ralph's place.

Good luck. E-mail if you need any advise.
same here im in cupertino area im doing muay thai right now but in summer or maybe later i want to get into bjj a little im deciding between AKA and gracie. i know AKA produces ufc fighter but then this guy i spared with use to go to aka for muay thai and he said if your not part of the fight team then they dont take as you as seriously like dont train you as good but i dunno thats what he said. you know what sick rumor has it fairtex is moving from san francisco to mountain view i heard from two people but im not sure if its true.
Go to one practice at each! It should be free the first time. Then you can evaluate them yourself. That's what I've been doing at Pittsburgh.