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Sep 7, 2004
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alright...i go to west chester university in PA...basically today in the paper i found this add that a local...i guess boxing organ. is promoting a west chester vs widener (another school around here) college "no experience" (you cant be a pro/have any amateur fights i guess) fight night...its gonna be 3 1 min. basically a toughman competition type deal...16 oz. gloves, headgear...yada yada

theres 11 people a team...the winning team gets 2000 dollars (roughly 200 a person)

now me personally...i dont train boxing..i have in the brother boxed for PSU, so i used to help him get ready over the summer, so my boxing skills arent the average college guy whos never actually had a fight/put on the ive sparred a decent amount at the first place i trained juijtsu cause it was more mma...i have really quick hands actually, my footwork is really bad stamina sucks, but i have 5 weeks to work on that

basically my question to you guys is...considering this is going to be 3 1minutes rounds against a kid who probably has never "seriously" boxed b4 (i did research, widener doesnt have a boxing club or team)...should i actually be looking to box...or for a slug fest?

obviously its going to be a slug fest cause its really short...but, if you were in my situation...i honestly think i can outbox anyone who hasnt had real training, plus i have a month to get ready for it and guys at my juijitsu school said theyd help me train, one of thems a gold glove champ....should i sit here and try and perfect technique or what not...or just get in really good shape and throw down

in my situation with my criteria...what would u guys try and accomplish in a month
even with 3 one minute rounds you will get tired fast becuase you are going to be throwing a ton of shots. Id run alot of sprints. Since you have 5 weeks you should be able to get some decent training in for a comp of this level. Id really work on throwing some power combos quick and then getting away. Ya know some jab, cross, hook, uppercut retreat kinda deal. Work on your defense aswell, alot of clinching and covering. THey are gonna be throwin bombs so if you get stuck in a flury tie up ASAP, hold em close and push them away and throw a hook or upper cut as soon as you push off. Try to be faster than them, they will probably throw huge looping hooks and shit so just wait for that opening and stick em with a quick jab or cross. A good one to work on will be rear hook to the body then a quick and hard rear hook to the head. Dont recoil with it, just bounce it off his side and throw it to the head. A inexperience boxer is gonna drop his shoulder way too far to try and block that body shot and will be wide open for the headshot. Talk to the guys at your gym they will know more than me. These are just some ideas.
guerilla cardio + 4x400m sprints with 1 min rest will get you into shape for it. Apart from that shadowbox, hit the heavy bag and lots of sparring.
A person who's never fought before probably will be either very passive, or overly aggressive. If he's afraid to engage, keep throwing the jab and move forward. And when you feel ready/see an opening, unleash hell. If he's overly aggressive you'd also wanna keep that jab in his face to keep him off of you. Wait for the right moment to counter with the right straigh/hook.

I'm by no means a pro boxer. But that's what I'd do against someone who doesn't train boxing. Like if you fought someone who's never trained anything and you two just put on a pair of gloves and fought. Of course there are other factors aswell such as height/reach. But what matter the most in my opinion is his mentality. If he's passive/afraid, push him. If he's aggressive and wants to gamble, wait for the right moment to counter strong. Either way, you should be able to finish a guy with no experience.

Good luck!
since the guys you are fighting have no experience.. just try to throw fast punches,, and alot of them... it will be sloppy but make sure you are in shape.