Help me buy Gi


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Jan 13, 2013
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Hey, i'm going to buy a GI but i'm unsure what size i should buy. I'm 181-183cm tall and weight around 70kg. I'm looking to buy ATAMA: NEW LIGHT KIMONO GI. I'm very small and pretty tall. I have long legs and arms, so i wonder if A2 will be to short? I'm going to compete with it aswell, and i'm pretty small over the chest. Will A3 work if i try shrink it or will it be to big? I know there is many other brands out there but i really like atama, so please help. I'm planning to get some more weight aswell, but always takes time :p
So i guess A2 is my way to go then. The price for the atama is no problem, since i train MMA i'm sure i'm going to stay with the BJJ class. You think i can have a A3 and shrink it? I train 5 days a week so hoping to get some bigger around my chest