help finding gi size


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Nov 21, 2005
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I will be purchasing my first gi and I was wondering what size to get. I am 5'-9" and 227lbs. I am not fat but my shoulders are very wide. I wear a 34W x 32L in jeans if that helps. Can anyone help me find the right size? Thanks
Your height puts you at a A3 and your weight at a A4.
I would go with a HCK and get a size 6(A4) top and a size 5(A3) bottom.
Depending on what company you go with, the sizes could possibly vary, but I would second what Ron says for most gi companies, Size 6 top, size 5 bottoms. That is what size I'd recommend for someone of your size in my gi's.

On second thought go with a Warrior-one gi, I'd like to see more people do a reivew on those.