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Helio Gracie video.


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Oct 28, 2004
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Does anybody have the link of the video with Helio Gracie being interviewed (Rorion Gracie interprets) where Helio goes down the list of his sons and talks about each one. There was a thread here on the grappling forum with the link once and I searched but for the life of me I can't find it. I tried different search engines, then tried, you tube, google video, gracie miami etc. and still can't find it.

Any help would be much appreciated.
oh i know.. you just want to hear helio say that your coach should have been the family champion ;) :p
try the ug there was a thread on that.

Checked the UG and that new style is killing me. Still could not find it when I used the search function on that website. I am not a PRO member there so if anyone is or if anyone else can help. Let me know. PM or post a link thanks.


Will check on the mat video library and wait until I'm home to check the jiu jitsu history that shanghai provided. I went through that one I think but still worth checking out again.

as blanko pointed out, the reason I am looking for that video is because the interviewer asks Helio to say something about each son, at one point, Rorion (i think) tells Helio "Relson" - then Helio says (as blanko said) "Relson should have been the family champion."

When I asked Relson about that he says he fought too many times in the street and even on the Gracies In Action Video when he and his brothers Rolls and Rorion fights with the karate school, Helio told all of them not to punch the karate guys but to straight sub them.

Relson says that he told his dad, "come on dad, this is a fight, he tries to punch me I'm going to punch him back." From the video you can see Relson and Rolls laying the smack down then subbing the karate guys and Rorion, hits the guy once, gets scolding from Helio - looks up and then sub the karate opponent. I don't think too many people know that.