Heavy Bag & Speed Bag help.


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Nov 21, 2005
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Ok. I'm thinking about buying a "boxing station". This is sold at Dicks Sporting Goods, and you can hang a heavy bag on one spot, speedbag on another spot, and then a double end striking bag. In addition, it has a spot where you can do leg raises, pull ups, dips, and push ups. This seem like a good idea? Anyone have any pros or cons about these types of bag holders??

My real question is about which type of heavy bag to get. Is there any real advantage or disadvantage to a Muay Thai bag over a standard heavy bag?? As far as bags go, any problems with a vinyl bag?? I'm not seeing many Muay Thai bags that are leather. I&I's are vinyl. What about canvas? Recomendations as far as brands or weights??
I think it sounds like a good idea, especially if you have the room at home. I wish I had the room at my house to put something like that up.

As far as the Muay Thai bags go, you'd be able to train low kicks with one. It seems to me that they look at lot skinnier than boxing heavy bags, and would require a lot more precision, not that that would be a bad thing.
I have not had success with such a device.

Maybe I hit it too hard but it doesn't ever stay in the same place and when it moves it usually upsets the pedophile downstairs.

But hell if it's all you have.
I could be wrong, but I don't think you could properly hang a Thai bag on one of those contrivances; they're more for your standard 80 to 100-pound variety. And I don't think you could train kicks on one all that well, either.
There's an entire Sherdog board dedicated to this topic - check the gear and equipment section.

Leather is nice, but there are plenty of great vinyl bags out there that will last for years. I don't like the banana bag as a general purpose heavy bag. Shop around for a 100+ lbs bag that is long enough to practice low kicks on. There are plenty out there. I recommend kofightgear.com.