Head scissors


Oct 15, 2005
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Never saw it on a BJJ or grappling match, then why do those catch guys say it is so good, so great, etc? Anybody here familiar with it or ever use it?
i've seen it used before but i think the problem with it is its not a high % move and if you don't finish it you'll usually get side mounted so its kinda high risk / low reward
depends how you get there. if someone's going for a single leg with their head on the inside or you push their head inside and you make it work, you can get some mileage out of this.
I sometimes use variations as a last resort sometimes, but would never attack it other wise. You lose position too easily if you can't lock tight.
it's also dangerous cause you can crank their neck accidentally.

It relies a lot on power so I can see why GJJ doesn't use it.
A Triangle Is Much More Effective Then Head Scissors That Seems More Like Wwe Move
Uh... excuse me... but J. Paolo uses it all the time in BJJ. He was the Mundials champ in his weight class in 97 or 98. It is used in BJJ. I learned it from Paolo and I get it all the time from north south. The setup I learned from him was to go for the kimura from north south. If the guy is defending his arm well... lean forward, slip a leg underneath his head and fall to the side, scissoring your legs. I've been able to finish lots of guys with this move. Alternatively, you can always transition to a regular arm bar from that position if you're having trouble finishing.
Our instructor taught it as a variation on kimura from side mount against an opponent that is countering well. It seemed like it would be pretty effective.
it has to be set up well but it is a good finishing move, cmbination choke and crank, really good to set up from the head and arm
think of the mechanics, your using your thighs to squeee his head,
that is a power move.

Triangle allows you to attack his neck.

big difference.