head and arm choke?


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Apr 8, 2008
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so i just got done with a submission grappling tounement and put some highlights of me and my school on you tube...just wondering if some of you more experienced guys could tell me what went wrong with the choke at 1:55....i heard him gurgling for 2 seconds then nothing...any advice would be awesome thanks.

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you didnt pop your hips next time grapevine one of his legs and put your hips into the choke
The key is getting tight around the neck first. Too many people get a half way decent head and arm lock and jump to guard. Secure the choke and if you want jump to guard to add pressure. You should be able to tap him from the top if you do it right.
its a lot harder to get the guillotine with the arm in. you need to make sure theres absolutely no space and its super tight.
poor angle, too much space... assuming you're hands are mechanically correct
poor taste in music as well
looks like you were in half-guard which is a pretty hard position to finish a guillotine.
all good advice so far, get a really tight grip first, drive your hips in and crunch to the side and bring your elbows down and your wrists up.
great awesome advice ill make sure to try it in class....thanks for the input