HBO is keeping us entertained.

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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And then some.
Can't believe the fights we are getting in such a short period of time:

Pacquiao v JMM
Casamayor v Katsidis 03/22
Cintron v Margarito 04/12
Cotto v Gomez 04/12
Calzaghe v Hopkins 04/19.

I feel like writing HBO a thank you letter.
dude i'm with u..cintron vs margarito tops it all..promoters should be doin this more often..
has arum and oscar recolved their differences? They seem to be having a lot of joint cards like this past saturday. I think it is great for the sport though. Don king needs to join in or die... although he isnt as big as he used to be.