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Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment Discussion' started by xmikex, Aug 31, 2010.

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    hey guys, i have read alot of reviews on hayabusa, fairtex, and combat sport shin guards. for the sake of not beating a dead horse i jsut want to know from some people who hve the hayabusa instep guards, fiartex pro guards, and the combat gel guards. i just started doing formal MT and i spar with my friend, i currently have thin sock style pads and they suck. my friend just bought some hayabusa instep guards and im torn between these guards

    my main question is after reading the reviews the fairtex seem to be one of the best shin guards out there but run on the heavy padded side. since im jsut starting out i want to condition my shins without killing them. alot of people say the fairtex are for heavy sparring and alot of stand up. we are not heavy sparring right now and from time to time we do mma sparring so there will be take downs and i dont want the pads to slide around or fall off.

    the combat gel pads seem to have good reviews and are on the cheaper side, and have good reviews. my only worry is that as the sparring gets heavier these mma style pads wont have the padding i need and i will need ot buy heavier shin guards. this is the same as the hayabusa i like that the combat and hayabusa have the sleeve to stay in place when it goes to the ground but they dont have alot of padding.

    C/N: starting more MT and sparring with friends in class . picking between fairtex pro's, hayabusa instep, and combat sport gel mma pads. looking for good protection for medium MT sparring but need them to stay in place when doing mma training

    sorry for the long post
    thanks mike
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    Combat sports are good, but mine fell apart after 3 months.
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    Calgary, AB
    I have Fairtex SP3 (Pro-style) guards and I wouldnt say that they are overly padded. Compared to a normal leather SG these are pretty light and thinner. I would highly suggest these. They have a hook and loop style closure that means you can put them on tight and they wont shift around after every kick. That alone is a reason not to get one with the two-flaps closure that you normally see.

    The biggest thing is though, make sure you are always hitting the heavy bag and pads with no pads on. Need to build up your shin strength!

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