Hawks Fight Wear Gloves


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Jul 2, 2005
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Just got a pair of Hawks Fight Wear MMA gloves, and i am very happy with them. Awsome quality, very nice in every respect. I would reccomend them to everyone. Jus sharing if anyone is interested.
The 10oz open palm gloves look quite cool for sparring...
i was thinking of ordering the hawks shooto style gloves but decided to go with the quanos shooto glove instead. i know its a little more pricey but i think its worth it.
some nice gloves but why do they look they a hunter clone?
Slap me with a wet kipper if I'm wrong, but the Ouano shooto gloves are 8oz aint they? The hawks would be more padded unless they use heavier padding (just from comparing 10oz to 8oz, no experience with Shooto gloves)...