Hawken: F2P Online Mech Combat

Thai Otoshi

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Oct 8, 2006
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I can attest that this is a very fun game. Even though it's mech combat, the mechs are far more maneuverable than one would expect. The emphasis is on faster pace action that having the mechs simply being walking tanks.

Originally it gave the impression of being free to play but pay to win, but from what I've seen it levels up like any other game, and paying IRL money only allows you to more quickly get the same mechs you'd eventually be able to afford in-game, anyway.

I'm in there as "MMAthematician".
Wrong section, once again...

Well anyways, I can't wait for this. Been anticipating it since I saw the trailer for it back in 2011.
Downloaded. Used to love Mech games back in the day.

Will give it a try later. My nickname is the same as my Sherdog account.
I'm gonna download this later and play before SF starts.