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Mar 13, 2008
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Does anyone else hit a point where they just lack the desire to go train? I have been training for well over a year 6 days a week and the past two weeks it has been hard getting into the gym. Is this common for anyone else? If so any tips on how to get over it?
That's one reason why people recommend you don't train so much as a beginner. You'll burn out. Better for beginners to do less.

I mean 6 days a week? Shoot, you gotta have something else in your life, that's a lot of time you're spending in the gym.
you really gotta get your priorities straight. i drive hour and a half round trip in order to work for about an hour and a half. there are always times when you just want to be like.. f this. but if you really want to do it and get good you've just gotta face it, you have to train. maybe take a day off and go do something to let your mind have a break.
You are probably (most likely) over training.

Take some time off and let your body and head recover. You will feel 100x better when you get back.
Does anyone else hit a point where they just lack the desire to go train? I have been training for well over a year 6 days a week and the past two weeks it has been hard getting into the gym. Is this common for anyone else? If so any tips on how to get over it?

are you feeling overwhelmed, or bored?

if you're bored all you need to do is attack a new aspect of your game, and make it so you're learning new techniques that are valuable to your game. dvd's of competitions and instructionals can give you ideas if your class is too slow for you.

if you're overwhelmed and don't feel like you're improving then you need to get back to your roots. practice solid basics through repititions repeatedly until you can actually see the difference. taking a couple weeks off also isn't a bad idea in this case, but makesure you set a date that you make yourself return because it's very easy to fall out

also adding something new to your training like strength, conditioning, wrestling, judo, or even a striking art might revamp your drive.

also doing a competition is probably the best way to get motivated for most people.
Maybe try cross training to mix things up. Work your wrestling, your takedowns, throws and striking. There's so much to learn if none of that sweetness holds your interest try a different sport. Without desire you will get nowhere fast.
Six times a week is pretty heavy training in a first year. Probably too much.

I've been training for about 2 - 2 1/2 years and consider it a great week when I can get on the mat four times ...
id say youre overtraining a bit

that happened to me when i first started, trained too much and lost my passion really quickly, but i took time off and came back more enthusiastic and better than ever

when taking a week or two off here or there (in some cases longer, a month or 6 weeks) i would come back refreshed and raring to go

i realised i lost my passion for it because i trained too much as a beginner
You really need to take a break for a while. Just trust me.
i only go 3 times a week. maybe try doing that and on a day off just spar w a friend at home.
usually i can have a friend over and spar on the day im off.
Or i'll just lift weights
+100 to burnout/overtraining. Take a break and get rested up. You will come back much stronger physically and mentally.
Yea take a break. What most people don't realize is that over training doesn't just put a strain on your body it also puts a major strain on your pysche. A nice break will get you back in shape, go sit on a beach for a week. youll want to get back on the mats afterwards
From Stephan Kesting (http://www.grapplearts.com/Overtraining-Article.htm)

"Signs and symptoms that you are overtraining right now include...

D. Apathy, depression and lack of enthusiasm for training are subtle warning signs that are often overlooked by an athlete in training. These symptoms are very common in an overtrained athlete, but the athlete usually ignores them. Apathy, depression and lack of enthusiasm are not the signs of a weak mind; they are physiological cues that your hormonal and endocrine systems are drained. If you don't take some rest days or easy days immediately then you are shortly going to get sick or injured and have a concrete roadblock put in the way of your training."
I train bjj 3 days a week and muay thai 3 days a week. Usually it is once at night and occasionaly again in the mornings. My job is pretty flexible. I absolutely loved it for the last year until now. I also work with a conditiong coach 4-5 days a week. It really kicked into high gear the past 3 months. Probably spending about 4 hours a day in the gym. I was training for a naga that took place a few weeks ago but missed it. Now I am focused on the copa america which is taking play in lakeland florida in may. I wanted to hit the tournament more conditioned and more experienced then anyone in my class without having to sandbag. Sandbagging is gaaay.

I guess rest is just what I need. Thanks guys.
No never - injuries are the only thing that keep me away from the gym.

If i was invincible, and my knees/back never hurt.. i would be on the mat 8-10 hours a day.

Girls, food, liquor, and sleep are my only other hobbies.

That being said - its important to take time off.. dont let the pressur eof getting better force you in the gym if your injured. Take it easy.. rest.. in a short time youll want to go back.