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Feb 7, 2005
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Okay here's the deal, I need some extra money to move on so I decided to sell some of my Martial Art Instructional videos on eBay but they require you to place a valid Credit Card of file with them, but I don't have a Credit Card so I borrowed my brothers card.

I received an email stating that they couldn't allow me to place that card on file because the information provided on that card varied from what is on my eBay account information.

So heres the deal, I need someone to sell a Video Lot on eBay for me and I will send you the money up front to cover listing charges plus after I have received payment for the auction I will send you 20% of the final bid amount via PayPal.

Post here or email me if your interested in this, also check my eBay record under the name GracieFighter
No it isnt against eBay's Terms of Service, as a matter of fact it is something eBay offers to its members called a Trading Assistent (sp?) and it is totally cool.

And to the jack ass saying it was a scam, look at my eBay feedback... 19 plus feedback (16 from different users)
Why don't you tell us what instructionals you're selling and how much they are? You might find a buyer without eBay.

Also, why don't you get your brother to be your "trading assistant"? He has the credit card. It should match his info. Why ask strangers?
I agree with Madmick. Dude, why not just ask your bro to sell them for you?
Madmick is on the money. It shouldn't be to hard to have your brother sell it if he was willing to trust you with his card.
if you dont send the buyers the videos, that person will get neg feedback as a thief