Has Palhares spoken to the media since the loss to Lombard?


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Oct 4, 2010
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I find myself curious as to what he has to say: That he came in pre-injured or that he was genuinely surprised by Hector's power?

Either way, for all the flak Condit got for "running" from Diaz, Palhares showed me what it looks like to be truly terrified of your opponent. I know Starns ran, but as far as facial expressions..anyone else i missed that looked as terried to be in the octagon as Palhares?

A fan of Rousimar, not bashing just a little weirded out.
Not a shock. I think Palhares is an excellent fighter but i knew this was the perfect chance for Lombard to have a highlight reel KO in the UFC. Palhares really had nothing for him. Lombard's judo base a little too strong for Palhares to take him down and i didnt see him catching him in no rolling heel hooks. No chance and he knew it.
Yeah I didnt expect him to be that scared of Hector.

I figured he would try to shoot at least once.
Still a fan but it was pretty obvious he was intimidated by Hector. Can't hate, I'd be too.

Just sucks when he gets hurt or can't do what he wants he tends to just give up.