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Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by absofsteel1977, Apr 14, 2008.

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    any1 seen many of his fights? ..

    obviously the common conception is his 2nd round ko by marciano.but having looked into his record http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=12220&cat=boxer i must admit im pretty impressed.. apart from the marciano he has a awesome record with some tasty names on it like ezzard charles and rex layne.. tho the fights against cockell are not good..

    anybody have any storys/opinions on him?
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    Jul 31, 2003
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    Harry (Kid) Matthews was destroyed by Marciano and was not the same fighter after that.
    But prior, he was an outstanding fighter and a fast, brilliant boxer.

    On the way up early he cut his teeth against outstanding Eddie Booker and Jack Chase, finished former Weleterwight contender Jackie Burke, beat former Middleweight champion Al Hostak and big punching Danny Nardico. He ended Lloyd Marshall

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