Hanging a heavy bag


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Mar 22, 2008
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Hi guys, first time poster here :D

A couple of days ago i bought a 30 kg heavy bag, it was surprisingly easy to install the wall mount and hang it.

The problem is that when i hang it from the chains directly to the hook in the wall mount, one side seems to receive much more pressure than the others, and im afraid that it won't last much this way.

Any of you guys have any idea how i can help to distribute the weight better? Any Home-Depot buyable solution? as im in Chile i can't get a heavy bag swivel or any of thos flashy things :(.

Should i leave the bag hanging 24/7 or should i put it down after i finish using it?

Thanks a lot
PS: Sorry for my sucky english guys :icon_sad:
could you post a picture of it?

it's hard to say how to fix it when you don't know it's structure.
Like JSN said if you post pics that'll help give us an idea how to help.What is it drilled/screwed into?You sure it went up evenly?

And regards apologising for your 'sucky English',I have seen a lot worse from people whose native language is English.:icon_chee
Are the chains the same length?
Actually, they weren't, and that was the problem. I bought a Carabine Hook(?) and hooked it around the different links that were parallel to each other. Problem Solved.
yeah photos please. I'm not quite sure how to advise without.

make sure your house is even, maybe its foundation is getting weak, its way cheaper and easier to fix your house then the bag. Lol, check the chains and where you mounted it to.
You can probably leave the mount up and just remove the chains from the bag and let it down. Not too much work and is probably the easiest fix you have.