Halfguard - Kimura


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Apr 2, 2007
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i am looking for am videos intructional to finish a kimura IN HALFGUARD. So you stay in halfguard... dont pass it and just sub mit him

It's tough to finish from there, unless you just catch the guy totally sleeping. The key is, you have to bump your hips underneath him. There is also a pretty slick counter for the guy on top to catch you in the kimura if you overcommitt to it. Stephan Kesting's halfguard DVD has a pretty good section on the kimura game from that position.

i am looking for am videos intructional to finish a kimura IN HALFGUARD. So you stay in halfguard... dont pass it and just sub mit him

this is my bread and butter :)

just sink the kimra, close the angle between the forearm and the arm, sprawl back with the outside leg and slowly turn the arm.. works for me. it has more details but to hard to explain, try doing it and feel the position... dunno any instructionals
From topside or bottom?

There's a nice sweep you can do from doing a kimura from bottom halfguard, I just learned it last night...
Yeah the sweep is the higher percentage option in my experience, i got it a few times last night.

Rundown of how i did it:

- He's in my half guard, right leg trapped

- Figure four his left arm and majority of the time he'll grab the gi pants to counter the kimura.

- Keep your right leg tight over his left and bring your left foot into butterfly hook position. I find at this point it's good to keep cranking on the arm to take his mind away from what is happening at the legs.

- When ready, take your right foot out, bridge up with it and at the same time use the butterfly hook to sweep him over by pushing up. You have to do this quickly though, as if your opponent is aware he will come up and go for the arm bar, a la Hughes/GSP 1.

Here's a vid

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Here is what I like to do.

When you have the kimura locked up, (let's say your right leg is in his half guard) I lock the kimura up and step over his head with my left leg and try to get it under his head. From here I just crank the arm. I've seen a couple of guys do this, B.J. Penn and Nogueira to name a few. Watch this video from 27-31 seconds in for what I am talking about.

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i am in his halfguard... please more postes
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