Half Guard Instructionals: Kesting or Jens if you had to pick one


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Oct 15, 2005
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Half guard is a big part of my game. Over the past few years, I've picked up both of Saulo's Gi sets and both of Bravo's books. Between those 4 instructionals and various free internet videos, I've built the base of most of my half guard game.

I'm looking to pick up another DVD, but I'm torn between Jen's 2 DVD set and Kestings half guard dvd. Eventually, I'll get both over the next year, but if you had to choose one to start with, which would it be and why?

Thanks in advance.
I dont have either, myself. But I am looking to get Kesting's, as it comes highly recommended.
I have Kesting's and its pretty good. I loaned it to my purple belt instructor and he said it was the best instructional he's ever seen.

I had a pretty weak half guard and after watching Kesting's and working on it a bit, I already feel much more comfortable there. In addition to half guard he shows a few x-guard sweeps for when your opponent stands, plus instep guard and sitting guard.

The dvd focuses more on sweeps though than subs (the only sub he really spends much time on is the kimura) and counters to counters.
I'd definitely go with Kesting's first.

That said, Jen's is awesome and gives a lot of detail, gi-specific, that you won't find elsewhere.