Guys...this is serious.

Get a second opinion Vod. I would have figured she would have been diagnosed with obesity since it runs in your family. The toe nail comes as a completeshock. Perhaps she should lose some weight and take the pressure off her feet.
Yea i saw it on CNN. 800lb woman falls on 330lb child.
Your throwing the hissy fit. It's your mom man.
fat jokes are good. everthing is good in here right.
Vod are you okay. I can help you deal with things. Im here for you man.
chutebox anything is possible. Im the fucking man in here now. Vods done.
Putz should you not be sneeking around and reporting members who are racist. Dont waste my time already.
Vod i got the thick skin now. Chutebox set me strait. cmon you can do better than that asshole.
hesatool i will put it under consideration. You have some big shoes to fill. How about senior mod?
chuteboxe i would expect more out of a fellow Canadian. You are starting to sound like a fucking parrot already. Change it up a bit for christ sake.
Rccola, Vod tries to be a wanna be hard ass . It is really important to him that he comes off this way. His possey has not quite figured that out yet. Vod is a big fucking baby. I know i have seen him cry in the booth about the dumbest things.
What the fuck are you even doing on our site chuteboxe. who the fuck are you ?
Your fucking lame go suck Vod's dick some more asshole. Cmon get going little boy Vods waitng to pat you on your head.
Putz i told you to fuck off and leave me alone. There maybe some members out there that have to be reported.
It's been a slice Vod, Chuteboxe,Putz. Chuteboxe your right OT is not the same as it was. In the old days and that was about 4 years ago guys like Odog, caldog,TBFTNE,Slydawg would have chewed all you wannabes up. You guys are a dime a dozen. Your names are different but you all pretty much sound the same. The rest of the OT is pretty cool. Dam you guys suck.
A very intellegent post by stampeding. pretty much nailes the state of Vods posse.
hesatool . your right man. I have used them twice. Once was with Punk and now with Vod. Yea i did it in Cyber's thread, but gee i wonder who put cyber up to it. Hesatool there is alot more that went on in both situations. There are two sides to everything.
Peter thats good to here. I know where you have been man and its not easy. Take care of her.
No problem Vod. Coming from you and the posse does not mean anything to me anymore. I dont know you guys and i dont feel the need to ever want to know you.
chuteboxe you are one sorry mother fucker. I have just responded to what has been sent my way. Check back and look who started all the threads today. I actually had some fun tonight but were just rehashing the same shit now. Chuteboxe out of everybody in herei think you sucked the most with Putz coming in a close second. Vod was not on his game tonight. Punk is always dangerous though. Good night ladies. I will only post in here again when i feel Vod and his Posse show a higher standard in there flamming. Guys you fucked up tonight im still smiling. Thats not bad for 10 dicks against one. Maybe i'i bring odog in with me next time and lock the doors for a couple of hours.:)