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Gustafsson vs. Teixeira?


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Nov 22, 2010
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In my opinion this is how I see the next couple fights going.

I think the UFC is counting on Glover to beat Rampage.

Glover will then fight Gustafsson in Sweden for the next warranted shot at the title. Glover's not getting any younger & he will most likely be ranked if he gets passed Rampage.

I see the winner of the Hendo vs. Machida fight, fighting against the winner of the Rashad vs. Lil' Nog fight since they're so close in date & they'll get the next title shot.

Mousasi could either fight the winner of the Bader vs. Matyushenko fight to see if his Wrestling is legit to fight for the title or go for an all out war w/ a ranked opponent like Shogun.

Should Mousasi beat either Shogun or the winner of the Bader & Matyushenko fight, he'll get one more fight before fighting for the title.

Davis is still in the picture too, I'd like to see him fight Vinny M. Just so we can keep Davis going along and eventually fight a top contender to get a shot or a new contender arises w/ the type of BJJ that could keep Jones from going to the ground w/ him.
It would be a good fight down the road , but IMO it eliminates a contender JJ hasn't fought yet and there isn't many left
Would be a great fight no doubt, but both are on paths towards JJ and wouldn't make sense for one to get cancelled out
I don't know how anyone is really impressed with Glover at all and imo I don't see him fighting for the belt, he is barely if at all top ten at best.
I don't know how anyone is really impressed with Glover at all and imo I don't see him fighting for the belt, he is barely if at all top ten at best.

Glover is league apart from lower part of UFC LWH. Does he belong to the elite? This is another question.

But if (that's a big if) Glover beats Rampage, he would have as many top-10 wins as Gus have - one. And many people think that it is Gus should fight Jon Jones next.

And if Glover beats Rampage and somebody else - he would have 2 top-10 wins. That would be better streak than Machida's or Shogun's (who both could get a title shot at UFC on Fox 4).

So, if Glover wins his two next fights - he may very well fight for the title in the third. LHW is really that much of a rollercoaster these days.
I can see this fight being scheduled in the future. I would pick Alex to win.
Nah, they go on to face veterans the UFC would like them to replace
I think the thing that makes Glover & Gustafson so exciting is that...well...they finish fights. Rampage hasn't finished a fight since 2008. Glover has had one fight go to a decision since 2005, and Gabe has only had 2 decisions in his career, both against top competition. We all know that Bones is going to get the best of decision fighters, so getting someone in there who continually displays the killer instinct gives the hope/possibility of a finish against him.
it would be nice to see both of them go on different routes to the title instead of knocking each other off the ladder