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GSP's prevention of letting Matt get guard


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Jun 29, 2007
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It was interesting for me to see, not that I am a grappling guru but I I thoroughly enjoy any ground work. Basically what I saw last night was GSP doing an excellent job (well about half the time) of staying tight to Serra and basing out and bringing up his leg to prevent Serra from getting his other leg out and getting to full guard. It seemed that everytime Serra tried this, GSP did the same thing, thus forcing Serra to change his approach and disrupting his game.
GSP does the same thing almost every time, and its beautiful to see. He hits a double or a head-outside single, then forces his opponent to half butterfly-guard with their left leg, then pushes it down and passes to half. From there, he usually uses a tight underhook and uses his right foot to free his left leg, hips through, and takes side control.