Jan 8, 2006
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Hey I used the search function sorry if this is old but I would like to know where GSP shirts or gear is. I havent found any sites with GSP gear on there so if you can tell me I would appreciate it. Thanks
I don't think there's GSP gear per se. But I believe he wears a lot of Koral
He wears Full Contact Fighter shorts. Beyond that, I really don't know. Does he have an official web site?
havent actually heard of an official GSP shirt. hmmm...

I've never seen any GSP gear which brings up another question...why don't more big name fighters market themselves better? I'm sure Wand makes shitloads off his gear, Fedor has some cool shirts which prolly brings in some extra for him, hell even Mayhem has some cool gear that's gotta boost his why don't more fighters do it?
yeah Wand probably makes a whole lot of money off his stuff. I know im going to buy one of his shirts. I wish GSP had some shirts i wanna support
I went to a GSP 2 day seminar last weekend. Was awesome! Such a cool guy, there wasnt many people so i got to spend alot of time with him and got to spar him. Was the best seminar i have been to.

He wore all full contact fighter gear,Long sleeve over A rash guard, and his blue competition shorts. but on the second day was wearing a long sleeve shirt. I thought that was pretty cool. I wrote a review of the seminar
:) me n GSP before i got to spar him.

Me after.. nice face hahahhaa

Him wearing hsi FCF rash guard and barely see his competition shorts.