Ground Control Fightgear Gi???

if you dont want to spend 200+, you could spend around 50 and get a HCK, or around 70 and get a Fuji, or maybe around 90-100 and get a Sirius Goldweave...
In the same 100 dollar range you can get a gameness pearl, or an ouano, or a gameness single... atama summerweave.vulkan. too many other good ones to list lol.
not heard much about them--whats the weave/quality/ cut like-

they look like a cheaper version of the lucky gi
well if no one here has even heard of them, i think that i'll pass. they look nice but who knows what the fit is like. think i'll try a gameness
The ground control gi is very light and fits just like a lucky gi. I prefer gi, really good fit
looks like crap to be honest, and theres plenty of gis within and under the 100 dollar range....i like my gameness single
I just came across this thread by accident. Ground Control gi's are actually very nice. I use them almost exclusively.
I have the Ground Control Ultra lite gi which was a Christmas gift to myself, It was 70$ shipped.
It's a great hot weather training gi, as it's made out of same ripstop material as the pants (of course, idiot that I am, I read this only after I already bought the gi. I actually believed that I was getting the gold weave one).
Anyway, the A3 top fits me great, it's very tough considering the thin material it is made of. It is extremely light, it feels like a karate gi, but it has a real bjj cut and is reinforced in all the right places. The collar is thin and easy to grab, even though there's rubber in it. I guess they didn't want to make a gi that has 80% of its weight in the collar.
The pants are standard ripstop pants, reinforced from mid thigh to the bottom. They are tapered slightly, which I like.
So far I roll in this gi 1-2 times a week and it's holding just fine, but I have to be extra careful regarding collar chokes because it's extremely easy to manipulate this collar.
Overall I like this gi (the pants are great!!) for training, but wouldn't compete in it unless making weight was in issue.
Our next kimono will be the Comp 350 it will be like a single weave & will come with 8oz rip stop pants . We have taken the big logo off the back of the kimono and added a small logo instead ( to make more room for your school patches )we have also updated our logos and have added more reinforcements to the COMP 350.The COMP 350 will be in next week and the Platinum 450 & Lutador 450 will be next month note: ( The Lutador 450 will only be available for Black Belts ) The Rip Stop Summer 8 Kimonos are almost out of stock and will not be remade until next summer. We thank everyone for there interest in our Kimonos and we take all feedback into consideration when we make our kimonos. Our goal is to make one of the best kimonos on the market . Bare with us as we update our website & products.

Thank You,
Comp 350 is now available use this discount Code for 25% off *1sherdog*......
I am seriously looking at that Gi. I just sent them an email for sizing. I need another gi and I love these reasonably priced yet durable gi's. I have heard decent things about the comp 350.

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