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Groin protector..stupid question!



How do you where them - underneath the underwear or first underwear then the protection? :redface:
Depends on the cup, if you have a jock strap or compression short... I'd suggest undies or compression shorts, jockstrap/cup, then fight shorts. Or just get the Shock Doctor compression shorts with flexcup and just wear them.
I wear boxer briefs under my cup, it's more comfortable and there is less chance of things getting moved around on ya :redface:
I really like the Shock Dr compression shorts with a steel cup. No need for extra underwear.

I like to put my Gi on first, then (and only then) I put the jockstrap on over the GI. This will show all the rest of the guys at class that you are someone to be reckoned with. Oh...and always wear a pink cup.
Use your lipstick to color em...
The Shock Dr cups are grey with a carbon Fiber looking trim and a little bit of orange, I'll post a piture in a little while. The best looking cup made. I looks like a part out of a exotic car, lol.

Does anyone know where I can get hold of a steel cup? Either shops in the UK or online stores... thanks. I've been looking for a while but yet to have any luck.