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Grip Strength Guys in MMA?

Grey Kid

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Feb 20, 2008
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How do you think a grip-strength competitor with some substantial Judo/BJJ/MMA would do in a grappling tournament or mma?

The reason I ask is recently, on discovery channel they did a documentary on grip strength. Guys who could close the 500pound hand grippers, rip phone books vertically into strips and drive nails into boards with their bare hands.

For those who don't know check out guys like dennis rogers. http://www.atomicathletic.com/articles/detail.asp?ArtID=68

I'm just imagining what a guy with such grip strength could do, if he gripped an opponents bicep or squeezed on their lower rips. It seems he could do some serious tissue damage to most muscle groups in the clinch/guard alone.

submission win by bicep tear anyone?
Would probably get knocked out or submitted. Grip strength is really important, but he isn't going to tear anyones bicep wih his grip.

No matter how good his is grip is, someone at his weight using his entire posterior chain with his shin as a blade has a much better chance to tear someones bicep
Can I be the first to make a Todd reference...