Greens Plus and B-Complex


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Mar 4, 2008
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I'm thinking about starting to take both of these supplements. Greens Plus is probably a definite for me as I don't eat nearly enough greens. Anyway I hear both of these give you more energy and mental clarity throughout the day while other sources state that it doesn't. What are your experiences with both these supps?
most multis are loaded with b-vitamins, id check your particular brand before spending extra money on a b-complex. chances are your $$$$ would be better somewhere else.
Read this, taken from the Pre Workout thread from the FAQ.

Greens+ has a significant amount of lecithin, which contains phospholipids that help recycling of acetycholine; caffeine works far more effectively when they have something to work on (neurotransmitters).

various b-complex vitamins are essential in carbohydrate utilization, as well as neurotransmitter conversion and recycling. Caffeine/B50/Lecithin is probably the cheapest and most effective preWO stimulant formula out there.
what if you leave the b50 out of that little formula mike?
what if you leave the b50 out of that little formula mike?

Still obviously a good formula. Caffeine is the backbone of a preWO formula; the other two ingredients are "insurance", or mild potentiators, if you will.