Green tea for joint pain?

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  1. I have come across many articles on the web about the benefits of green tea, in many aspects of someone's health... One interesting property is that due to its antioxidants (they are called catechins in fact), it can prove useful for arthritis patients, by decreasing inflammation and slowing cartilage breakdown.
    For MMA athletes, joint pain and injuries is a common problem (those submissions hurt... :icon_twis ) and I dont know if the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea can be useful for us, as well.
    Have you ever tried green tea for long-term? Did you notice any difference?
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    From what I have read Blueberries and other berries are the absolute best antioxidant source.

    As for Joint pain, Glucosamine Sulphate + Chondroitin & MSM is what everyone swears by, also I have read Fish Oil is good for bad joints. It takes a few weeks for you to actually feel the results though.

    If you do buy Glucosamine Sulphate + Chondroitin & MSM, I would buy a bottle of Glucosamine Sulphate + Chondroitin, and a separate bottle of MSM.

    If you buy the two separately it should be cheaper, and you will a higher dose of MSM compared to the all three in one pill.

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