grappling with stitches


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Jul 17, 2002
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not to mention that i rarely get to train anymore due to traveling to areas with no bjj.....
i cut my right shin 3" long x 1" wide x 1"deep, now i have stitches for 15 days and will have tenderness for 3 weeks afterwards, lots of tissue damage. any one ever have experiences training after stitches in the leg?
before you ask, i did it at work, my foot slipped on a wooden form and my shin hit a metal reinforcement stiffner on the concrete form.
i might get lucky and be in the north east DFW (mckinney) area in two weeks, i would have a place to train then.
Get a soft shin guard, they sell them for light bag work and they are cheap. That will protect your shin and absorb some of the force when you bang it or get it caught in a bad position. They are very on the outside, so they won't scratch or bang up you training partners either. They also seem to work well when you legs are banged up from Thai kicks.
I'd tape it. Not with blue tape, but tape it. Put a layer of gauze, then put some tape over it, it will protect the stiches, and help hold your skin stil so it doesn't strecth and pull them.
thanks for the advice.
i will try both and give results