Grappling Tourney In WNY

Kyle Johnson

Amateur Fighter
Feb 8, 2005
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Heya all, not sure how many of you are from the western New York area but there is a grappling tourney comming up on Sept 17th in Fredonia, NY. I dont know hows it run and how many people might be showing up but the more the marry. Figured i would let you all know and see if maybe we can get some good competition going. They have a site at so check it out. I'll for sure be going either LHW or HW, depending on how much weight i feel like sucking the days before )
thanks for posting this here. looks like wny grappling is growing.
don't waste your time or money. The rules are wack and the refereeing sucks. It's put on by a couple of posers out to make a quick buck. It's also "invitational" only, which allows them to keep out anyone they feel threatened by.