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Jan 3, 2006
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im new to these forums and for the most part new to grappling. i was just curious, at tournaments like grapplersquest and ADCC, there is so striking or anything right? just submission fighting or what? Like i said, im pretty new to this stuff, so any help would be much appreciated, but if you just wanna flame me over the internet, then go right ahead.
yes it is just submission grappling. no strikes
Alright thanks, so the Bas Rutten videos for takedowns and submission would be great videos to help me with grappling? Because I've seen some videos and i don't see many takedowns, but they're just highlight clips of the matches, so im not sure if i just didnt see any of there arent alot of takedowns goin on there. it just seemed like pure submission. Then again, i've never been to one in real life, but i want to, hopefully later in the year, just to spectate and learn some stuff. Thanks again.