Grappling Tournament Fresno California


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Jan 14, 2004
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If theres anyone on these forums in the Fresno California area, theres going to be a jiu jitsu tournament this weekend (Saturday) called the All Valley Championship. There will be gi and no gi divisions. The cost is 35 dollars for one division and 45 for two. The tournament is being held by New Era Martial arts, with refs from several local schools. Registration starts at 9:00 Saturday morning. If anyone wants any more info feel free to private message me or just post in this thread. Im a student just looking for more people to show up, we want to make this big!
What divisions in no-gi is being held? Very interested in the lower divisions like novice/beginner and with the top divisions pro/expert. Let me know.
Yeah I know, it was unfortunate, the person in charge of the tournament had it sscheduled for last month but couldnt run it due to unforseen circumstances. Well in no gi there is going to be a novice and intermediate bracket I believe, I dont think there will be an advanced. The majority of participants will be around white-blue level, some purples will be there for sure as well. The weight classes go as 165 and below, 166 - 185, 186-205, 206-225, and 226 and above. There will be a 145 and below division if there is enough people to fill it. While usually tournaments are single elimination, we will try and give each competitor more than one match, because its hard to gain experience otherwise.