grappling shorts: cut seam vs. closed seam


Jun 15, 2008
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im just wondering what your opinion is on grappling shorts that have a 6 inch or so cut seam at the bottom sides versus grappling shorts that do no not have the cut at the bottom sides (i.e. closed seam)

i would imagine that the grappling shorts have the 6 inch or so cut seam at the side would be horrible because an opponent can grab on to the shorts and easily rip the fabric. if the shorts were closed seam then if the shorts are ever grabbed then there really isn't much leverage to rip the shorts easily.

so i guess my question is did you ever have a pair of fight shorts with the cut seam that ripped easily cause someone got a hold of a corner of the shorts and tugged on it causing a rip?
Quality split seem shorts don't just rip, and none of mine ever have. your opponent shouldn't be grabbing your shorts anyway.

As for needing the split seem or not. Nobody really needs it, but I quite like it. I'm very flexible (to the point where my instructors tend to test techniques on me just to see if they even work), but as long as the fabric doesn't stick, totally plain shorts would be just fine. That said I do love my split seamed Sprawls and other fight shorts. None of them are as nice to train in as Vale Tudo shorts, but it takes quite the man to show up regularly in those :D
what if you pop a boner in those vale tudo shorts. theres no hiding it in those shorts!
I don't ever want to roll with you!