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Grappling School in Columbus, OH and other questions.

Irish Teets

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Apr 3, 2007
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Hey guys,

Currently I am a student in college and I plan on taking some grappling classes for the first time this summer when I get out in early June. I am transfering colleges and will be set in the Columbus area. I was wondering if you guys knew of or had any recomendations of places I should go to in the Columbus area. Thanks

Also, I was wondering what should I expect taking these classes?

Thank you

If you are going to OSU theres a Judo credit class there.

Thers also a Relson gracie jujitsu school in Westerville.
I go to IMB of Columbus in Grove City, about 20 minutes away from anywhere in columbus. It's affilliated with Jorge Gurgel. They teach BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA classes. $75 a month for unlimited classes Mon-sat.

Also, If you watch the Ultimate Fighter, Matt Brown is a stundent at the school.

hope to see you man.

Relson Gracie chapter in Columbus is a great school with a lot of nice people to learn from.


Relson just came in a few weeks ago and makes the trip there multiple times a year. A lot of good guys roll there as well.