Grappling mats?


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Jun 10, 2005
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Anybody know where I can find some decent grappling mats to throw in my basement so i can roll with some friends?? Not this crazy expensive zebra mat stuff either.
Go with puzzle mats, they are the best priced type of mats. Email me and I'll give you pricing on Zebra and Revgear folding mats. It's not as bad (price) as some poeple think.
I would never sacrifice quality with price. Especially if doing throws and takedowns. You only have one body to abuse. I have a pair of Gold Swains. Pricey, but I would jump off the roof and land on them. They are that good. Plus they are going to last longer than me. But if price is that much of a concern, then heed SSF's adivce. They know what they are talking about.
Check out dollamur wrestling mats. I have the 18' x 18' floor system and it works great. It is 3 6' x 18' sections. I think I paid $800 and change with shipping. We do takedowns and throws with no problems.
I wouldn't use puzzle mats for throws but if it's just you and some buddys rollin then they are fine. For throws I would use a landing mat from Zebra.
What you can do is buy puzzle mats and then go to home depot and buy giant sheets of styrafoam.. Like the size of ply wood. Take those sheets and lay them down and put the puzzel mats over them. Then you have a decent thick mat that you can roll on comfortably.

The sheets cost about 15$ and if your rolling on them every day you will need to replace them when ever they get flat... But if you bought two they would last atleast a couple of months with just you and a friend rolling.

I went to a gym that used to do this as their mats, they had whole classes rolling on this and only changed the styrafoam maybe once a month.

my favorite mats are swain or zebra mats.. but they cost alot of $..
Biggest thing that will kill you is the shipping.. they are big and heavy so its not really an option unless you have permanent space for them.
Can you post a picture of the Zebra mats?

Are those the type of mats that are like teal or green or something, always used in competitions?
Here you go.
Grappling mat

Folding mat
SSF said:
Go with puzzle mats, they are the best priced type of mats. Email me and I'll give you pricing on Zebra and Revgear folding mats. It's not as bad (price) as some poeple think.

I wouldnt use these, the puzzle mats give you too much mat burn. The folding mats are great though, especially if you can set them in place firmly.
i have puzzle mats, i got them when a local Mc-Dojo went under.

*they retain dirt and dust like a strip of duct tape
*you need to start all rolling on your knees, takedowns feel as if your being tossed on hard dirt.

However they are awesome for standup work...Right now i'm scaning craiglsit, ebay, newpaper for Swain mats.My gym has them, and they are simply the best.
Swain mats and zebra are very similar.

Only thing better is the bottoms of the zebra mats are sewn shut.

The swain mats have an edge that can slowly come apart over the years. But were talking like 5-10 years. Just something that COULD happen.. but ive onyl seen it happen on one square out of tons.
my college roomate got some vitamins and minerals mats for our basement. they were great.
Do the grappling mats give you mat burn? They look nice though. My family is moving...maybe I can get them to let me turn the unfinished room into a training room!
When I shoot over and over then I get mat burns on the tops of my feet but that's about it for me. I used to get them on my elbows but not any more.