Grappling Mats recommendations?


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Oct 25, 2005
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I am looking to purchase a grappling mat for my home. Do you guys any suggestions regarding:

Size: I'm thinking I want at least 10' X 10'
Thickness: I'm not sure if 2 inches is worth almost twice what 1-3/8 inches mats cost?
Manufacture: Who should I buy from?
Cost: How much is reasonable to pay? I'd even be will to do a re-conditioned mat if the price was right.

I would appreciate any feedback you could provide.

I've heard good things about Zebra mats, which Ron carries at SSF. I hear the prices aren't as bad as most people would think. I haven't looked into buying one yet.
What about these Jigsaw Mats are they any good?
They are good but get dirty quite easily so you'll want to mop them with disinfectant or special formula mat cleaner regularly.
I also need to get some mats cuz I'm emulating my own MMA fight and more fights to come in the future. Wish me luck.
I just ordered the Swain 8'x8' 1-3/8" home mat for $224 + shipping. Anyone have one and how do you like it??? I wouldve liked 10'x10' but everything else I found was a lot more $$$.
d said:
I just ordered the Swain 8'x8' 1-3/8" home mat for $224 + shipping. Anyone have one and how do you like it??? I wouldve liked 10'x10' but everything else I found was a lot more $$$.

is 8x8 big enough for full contact sparring?
I am also interested in getting matts. Love to know what you all paid and where you got them from.
We have two deals on mats going on now ;
For $195.00 you can get this home set mat ,that is the perfect size for garage or hobby room. Enough space to practice techniques or do some hard training! size = 10 'x 10' x 1" Comparable to folding and other mats that sell for twice the price!!

For $360.00 You can get our deluxe grappling mat set. Good for drilling technique, hard training and takedowns. Economical choice over zebra or swain mats ($480.00 for same sq ft). Blue or Red.
size = 10'x 10' x 1 1/2"

for more info go to

Cheers !
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Fozzy now you know that is me .you touch this one and i have my guys tracking you down in Australia LOL
ya, i dont feel like blowing 500 bucks on a mat....lower the prices plz
It sux how much mats go for. The companies better be lucky that Im desperate to get some.:icon_chee
I just ordered on ebay...(2) Dollamur folding mats. They are each 4x5x1.25 so 8x10x1.25 all together in red. 161 bucks shipped to my door. This guys store has amazing prices on brand new wrestling mats too...his seller id is dollamur, he has a store on there. I may purchase 2 more for the hell of it...
my bro in law is opening a training center, not huge just private at first cause we are gonna be on top of a buisness and only open when they close. The take down area is like 14 x 24 and until we move to a real location the real takedown mats are so damn expensive to cover that area. (around 1700 for a custom one piece mat). So we just went to costco and bought enough of the half inch puzzle matts to triple them up to 1.5 inch and only cost us less than $500 :) i weigh 300lbs and let my self get tossed around on the ground for testing purposes and it feels fine to me. Any of you ever try cheaping out this way?
I started on 12 X 14 puzzle mats but they would come apart during good scrambles. It was even a little small. I now have 18 x 18 wrestling mats in my garage and they are great. The smallest I would go is 12 X 12. has very good mats for very good prices