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Oct 16, 2005
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whats up homies I was wondering if any of u grapplers can help me out. I love grappling and although i have trained i(n boxing) i never found a place to train grappling which is what I want to do. can u guys help me out if any of u train in bc canada and point me in a grappling skoo direction or grappling program of any kind. judo bjj wrestling sambo any style welcome.Any info woukld help thanx a lot guys
Where about in B.C are u from? There are a lot of judo schools in B.C and a few bjj/ sub grappeling places.
That depends where in BC. Marcus Soares has schools in Vancouver, he has a satellight school out in Kelowna (where I train), and I think he has another satelight school in Victoria.
one of Marus Soares's former students has a small club in Kamloops as well. He's very techincal, and actually a really good teacher. They have just a few fighters competing, but the attitude in the gym is really good. The instructor, Troy, does a good job of teaching techinque and of thinking about the whole grappling game. The mats at his gym are sweet too, and he's got a few heavy bags and some thai pads. There's another gym in Kamloops as well, but their mats suck and the attitude is kind of cheezy. Their instructor is really nice though, he's a BJJ guy.
by the way, BC is a really big place, might want to be more specific. Also, Evolution Gym in Vernon as dorm beds so you can live at the gym and train full-time. They have a cage and everything there.
sorry guys thanx for the help. I live in guilford surrey bc. however I also crash at friends houses in coquitlam all the time any place in the lower mainland would be good. thanx alot guys.
Suitela Submission- Dont know about belt rank of instructor in Surrey
Universal MMA Vancouver- Marcus Soares / CG AffiliatelPurple Blt Instructor
Marcus Soares's school- one in Langley, one in Hastings
Cocoon Athletics on Granville- Brown Belt instructor
Franco Pankration- really good no Gi
Kel Lees AMA- Pankration
Gibson's Pankration- Pankration/ SW
Axe Capoeira has BJJ on Saturdays
Creative Fighters Guild- Richmond/ Coquitlam- Brown Belt Megaton Diaz affiliate instructors
Don't forget westcoast BJJ/submission fighting in Maple Ridge/Ridge Meadows/Richmond, and Raptor MMA gym in Pitt Meadows