Grappling history 101 (some questions)


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Jun 11, 2005
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Been taking BJJ for about 2 months, and wrestling for about 1 as well. I just got some questions on the history of the moves itself- just out of curiosity (class isn't till Mon, so I might as well ask now)..

Where /when was the guard , mount, and side mount invented? Can they traced back to Pankration ? I know BJJ was not the first to come up with these.

The BJJ variant of the arm bar, and ofcourse the triangle and knee bars, does anyone know where they came up with them? Are their histories as colorful as the invention and introduction of the kimura?

Very Roughly: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is based on pre-World War 2 Judo which in turn is based on the unification of several Japanese Ju-Jutsu styles. BJJ is also probably influenced at least a little by Capoeira, in which many Brazilians cross-train. Capoeira is based on African martial arts. Japan and China developed martial arts from the Indians, who were influenced by the Greeks. The Greeks and many African civilizations were likewise probably influenced by the ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Nubians who developed many wrestling and boxing techniques still in use today.
I stuied Judo before the graces got super hot in the US and we learned the gaurd, mount, and side mont, thought they were not used as much as BJJ uses them, and all Judo comes from difrent forms of japanese jujitsu. no where then japanese learned them is up for grabs.