Grappling Gameplan

It's a very good program, solely dealing with your mental game. I would go to first and subscribe to the free lessons. Get those first and try them out, then you will have a better idea on whether or not you need the whole set.
Looks like one of those infomercials... Where the guy is telling people how to make millions of $ out of a 1 bedroom apartment...
But either way it couldnt hurt to sign up for the free mini lessons ^ was talking about.
I have to admit. I bought it. It has helped me some in the physical game but more in the mental and preparation department. Like it says, if you compete, you can not just rely on the ebb and flow of the match. You practice, practice, practice but get to the event and its fly by the seat of our pants.

Basically it works by developing a strategy for training, sparring and competing.

You have to decide on your own game plan for everything. Training, competing, meditation, diet, sleep, cardio. But have it in writing and in your brain so when its time for the tournament you just execute that game plan.

I have changed my game plan for September's NAGA in Hawaii and will see how well it works. Its just planning and executing the plan. For sure at tournament time, you don't want to shake the guy's hand and wonder ,"Hmmm, now what the hell do I do now?"
If you want to be better prepared for competitions or wish to accelerate your progression using some simple strategies to help, it's worth picking up. If you're a casual grappler with no dreams of competing you're better off saving your money.
Yeah, I'm with super beast on this one. At least, my coach told me the same thing about it.
wow.. i've never heard of it before. lot of testimonials from big names! certainly is interesting.
The grappling gameplan has been alot of help to me... I actually just ordered the book yesterday... I've been reading the grappling blue print..(emails..) it's really worth it if you're a serious grappler... it helps alot in mental preparation, and creating strategies for competitions... all my friends in the higher belts use it.. well except for the jokers... but those that have been using it, have had significant progression... im pretty excited for the book..

its not some crappy infomercial... its the real thing...
man.. testimonies all over. i might have to look into it.
It's little more than sports psychology IMO.

It's filled with basics that will definitely improve your game if you do them religiously, but it's stuff like:

Be prepared.
Set goals.
Work toward your goals.
Know your opponent.
Visualize your techniques.