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grappling dvd's


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Dec 1, 2004
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i posted this over at another section but no one replied...hopefully you guys could offer some help as i'm sure a lot of you have seen or own these dvd's.


since i don't know of any sites that review MMA/grappling DVD's, i was hoping some of you guys can give me some feedback on a few DVD's i'm interested in picking up.

- grapplers quest: i've seen these DVD's at local stores (suncoast, bestbuy) and there's definitely some good names in these events. which is the best one that you'd recommend?

- ADCC Submission Wrestling 2003 'Best of the Trials' DVD: huge ADCC fan and was just wondering about this 2 disc sets overall quality? is the sound and picture clean? good angles? are the matches worth watching?

- 101 submissions (chapter I and II): are these worth getting? which one should i get first?

- Marc Laimon's Tournament Tested Techniques: is the footage on this DVD all GI matches? any good? there's a lot of good names on this DVD as well.

I like to watch tournament footage to learn new stuff and see how people respond in differant postions ....That being said I like them all it just depends on your tatse (101 subs is the worst of the bunch by far ) . Just my 2 cents .