grappling and standup?


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Sep 7, 2005
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i joined a dojo a month ago wanting to learn grappling but the trainer says i should get a good standup down and then train grappling. what do you guys think?
What kind of dojo?

I would recommend doing both, although if you have no background, it may pay to focus on one aspect for a while, at least at first.
the name is the real fighting dojo in nj they train karate,muy thai,boxing,grappling is pretty fun i was a wrestler when in school and was pretty decent so thats why i wanted to grapple but he believes you should start from the feet down.
We do both, concurrently. M/W we do Judo. T/Th we do no-gi grappling and striking.
Where in NY? There's probably better places to learn grappling then when you're going if you are down in NYC.
I don't think it really matters but ultimately you need to know both to do well in MMA &/or self defense. I feel they compliment one another & you figure out how to do certain techniques better knowing another fight style.
go find a good bjj school i think you will enjoy it more that striking... you develop a good ground game and you can still rival good strikers... then develop a good striking game and your dominating.
do both how you want, but if you grapple with strikes all the time (so no just-bjj nights) then you will want to learn how to throw strikes correctly before you jump in there. get your basics so you're not throwing bad punches and hurting your hands or anything.
It depends on what you want to do?

Are you interested in doing mma or just grappling
Find a school that does both, or more. There is no reason not to learn stand-up a couple nights a week and grappling a couple other nights a week. You will get well rounded. You will always drift towards what you like best, either on the ground or standing, but you should have both in your arsenal. I guess the exception would be, if you trully love the grappling game, and dont see yourself as persuing MMA fighting, find a grappling school and enjoy!~