Grappler with the best resume in history!?


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Jun 2, 2004
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Just curious as to which grappler has the most/best titles and prestigious wins in history. Also which is the most prestigious grappling tournament to win?
You might want to narrow it down to style. There's great grapplers in every form of grappling from Sambo to catch wrestling to BJJ. And there's older guys who are highly respected that may not have the tournament resume guys get now days but are still legends.
if you are talking jiu-jitsu i'd say xande. he has 6 mundial golds 2 of which are absolute.
as far as best 'grappler'.... too broad of a subject
Carlos and Helio Gracie, because without them none of us would be doing jiu jitsu!
cobrinha is up there/getting there

Cobrinha has one of the most meticulous VERIFIABLE up and coming records, but he hasn't been around nearly long enough to be the best yet.

anyone have the lowdown on Toshihiko Koga or Kyuzo Mifune?