Gracie Tourney in Socal? August 13th


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Jun 16, 2005
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Does anyone know where and when(time) the Gracie Tournament will be held? i know the day is on august 13th but i'm not too sure where. I keep forgetting to ask my teacher where this is being held so i decided to post here before i forget.
This is in Southern California, USA.
I was just about to post the same question, here is the info:

Damnit why do they have to do the weigh ins on friday. I cant pay for a hotel and im not gonna drive down there, weigh in, drive back home, then drive back down the next day to compete. gggrrrrrrr
sleep in car?! :D's like 20-30 minutes from my house!. thanks for the info. guys.
sleep in car?! :D's like 20-30 minutes from my house!. thanks for the info. guys.
[napoleon dynamite] LUCKY!!!! [/napoleon dynamite]
Piss on those rules and piss on the thought of putting more money into Rorion's pocket.
Whats up with the rules? Reason I ask is that I haven't competed with the 12 point thing before. Anyone experience with this as for the difference in match pace/strat, etc?
The competitors I know who competed with those rules LOVED the rules. Stalling gets you nowhere. The only drawback is that they do allow slamming someone who is in guard which can get really dangerous. Last year, Rener or Ryon Gracie (can't remember which one) picked up Cameron Earle and sent him to the hospital by slamming him down on his head while Cameron was playing guard.
12 points, and sudden death instead of overtime are pretty cool rules. United Gracie just had those rules and they are good for the sport.

But under IGJJF rules they will actually 'flip' people if someone hasn't passed the guard in a specified amount of time, and practically ignore takedowns/sweps. I find the whole 'keepin it reaaaal, old skool' rhetoric complete bullshit. What happened was they invented a ruleset in brazil, everyone in America got wise and started kicking ass. Now Rorion and Helio decide to change the rules because they can't hang anymore.

The excuse given is that there A) aren't enough submissions, fights should end when there is a finish. B) Timelimits cause people to stall. C) Takedowns aren't that important

The reality of these excuses is:

1) Submissions happen all the time at tournaments. But how would the IGJJF people know? They get annihilated at them, and don't participate anymore. So they make thier own tournament up with new rules.

2) This whole 'flipping' people from inside the guard, to on the bottom of the guard is complete crap if you go off the whole 'keepin it reeaaaal' bullshit. I mean what fight are they watching where someone steps in and changes the position after a certain time? I call hipocritical bullshit. No pass and 3 minutes and they will actually give the bottom guy a point, and then gets to be on top. LOL, WTF? Talk about a stalling strategy!

3) They want to ignore takedowns and sweeps because they suck at them. Wrestlers and Judoka who are crosstraining simply own IGJJF guys with them, so again...change the rules. Rorion doesnt want to give points for sweeps or takedowns? OMFG. How are you going to get the fight to the ground without a takedown, and how are you going to improve your position without a sweep? Rorion has stated he doesnt want to give any points for takedowns...but had to grudging compromise and give it 1point, with sweeps giving 1point also.

4) They want to keep it old school with it geared toward "real fights" but
a) There are no REAL fights with no rules. Get real here. Cops or bystandards will break things up.
b) They want to somehow equate BJJ = Vale Tudo by instituting real rules. Newsflash, BJJ isnt VT. It is completely different.

There is a ton of other stupid some sleeve holding rule. But honestly I am not that familiar with the rules because I refuse to compete under this crap. It is fuckin ridiculous. Compound that by Rorion's history and I say....fuck that.

It'll be a good day for Jiu Jitsu when he fuckin dies. I hope he pitches a fit at the tournament, tries to change the rules and gets kicked in the throat. I think I have made my position clear.
Well fuck, I dont think I'd compete in a tourny where they allow heal hooks due to the injury it can cause. I'm not liking this slamming thing either. Not worth competing in a tounry if there are rules which favor techniques know to cause great injury. May rethink competing in this one. Thx for the opinions.
Oh the slamming thing. That one is funny. One of Rorion's sons got KO'd last year(?) because someone slammed him. LOL. Some people were booing, some cheering.
i can't believe they actually allow slamming. I heard the white belt devision is very brutal since the allow not only heel hook but biscept locks aswell? not too sure of what the rules are, but just going to check out a few mates compete.
Do all of Rorion's sons compete too? or just the older ones(rener, ryron, and ralek)
Yes. It is even funnier because one of them did it to someone else, then was KO'd sometime later. At least this is what I was told.
I just read the info on their site and it says no heel hooks. It also says slaming in the guard for purple and up only.
Sorry but that info just doesnt seem to be accurate. I made a few calls and posted about it and everyone I talked to who was there said that none of the Gracies were KO'd from a slam. Rener was the one who KO'd Cameron on a slam though.
I inquired about weighing in the same day just in case anyone else was wondering, here is the response:

Drive down friday, weigh in and sleep in a hotel for $49.00/nite. this way you will be more rested to compete instead of driving up the same day. Or bring a friend and split the cost of your hotel room.


Seems like weighing in the same day would be a disadvantage to me, I dont understand why they dont allow it. I cant take off friday from work though and I dont have money to burn on a hotel, plus wtf am I going to do down there by myself for the rest of the day after weighing in.
Torrance has beaches, bitches...yeah, not much...
Any idea how big this tournament will be? Do you think it would be ok for a first competition?